New Product Implementation Program Manager

Company Name:
Nelson Global Products
Summary: This position is responsible for managing the new product introduction process from the time we get the commitment from the customer, thru prototypes, production, and post-launch measurements on behalf of Nelson Global Products. This role must ensure Nelson maintains a high level of customer satisfaction by making sure that projects stay on track for dates, quality and design, while protecting the interest of Nelson operations and overall business objectives.
Key responsibilities include leading the NPI process, establishing program plans, anticipating and resolving cross-functional problems, communicate program activities, balance resources between their day to day work and their project work, start the production ECO, ensure quality products are produced on time, and that tooling, prototypes and production are completed as scheduled.
When multiple part numbers are launching at same time, notify the plant including key individuals QA, materials, production, config departments and management) of timing, current status and key issues for the program as a whole.
Initiate prototype and production ECO's.
On an as needed basis, facilitate team meetings at plants to thoroughly review new parts including but not limited to:
Timeline for milestone tasks
Drawing specifications
Quality requirements
Equipment and personnel resources
Facilitate weekly conference calls with Deere Ag& Turf and C&F teams using the tracker spreadsheet as a framework for discussion.
Discuss design/engineering issues of new parts/programs
Status of manufacturing of new parts

Identify when first parts are required, not necessarily start of production
Working with customer and account manager, ensure customer purchase orders for parts and tooling are issued with respect to quoted lead times
Confirm release for production ECO is opened
Review DFR for required tooling, identifying tool shops and lead times
Review costing worksheet for long lead time items and inclusion of quotations for new, purchased components
Add part to tracking spreadsheet

Advise optimal sequence of ECO completion based upon the following:
Tooling lead times and dates files needed at tool shops to meet requested tooling delivery
Request early release of long lead time subcomponents drawings ahead of ECO completion if necessaRY
Jointly decide what ECO's should use the "MBOM waiver" to release drawings for tool shops without BOM/routing completion child ECO issued to complete Oracle work at later time)
When multiple part number programs are launching, advise optimal sequence of Oracle work completion with plant config personnel.
Working with prototype coordinators when first order is a prototype, advise optimal sequence of production for multiple part number programs
Customer owned tooling
Enter tooling part # and track tooling order in Oracle
Provide NCTO (new customer tooling order) documentation to plants when ECO is closed (formal kickoff for plants to start tooling)
Capitalized tooling
Identify tooling thru review of the DFR/costing worksheet tooling that is capitalized
Submit RFA form for approval and advise plant when received
Tool shops
For multiple part number program launches, identify shops that have received jobs from multiple plants to identifying the potential of capacity issues at the shops
With BRF tooling coordinator input, maintain a status spreadsheet jointly with QTS that identifies current and upcoming jobs (where PO has not been issued yet). Details date tooling needed in house at BRF, date files required to be at QTS to meet delivery timeline and completion of milestones. (Goal is to incorporate other tool shops into this process.)
Gather necessary documents and request that supply chain order long lead time parts in advance of the standard ordering process timeline
Request quotations for subcomponents added or changed after costing worksheet completed and parts are in the launch process (from existing suppliers only)
Identify and assist in expediting purchase orders for subcomponents as necessary
Advise quality of upcoming new part launches so any pre-work can be completed
Answer questions regarding quality document requirements as necessary
Review customer packaging requirements.
Complete any packaging documentation needed.
Confirm that customer order is in Oracle
Confirm that part is on PPAP hold in Oracle
Confirm part has shipped and request tracking number
Be on watch for anything that can delay the launch process and intervene to resolve

Key Skills
Bachelor or Associate degree and/or PMP certification.
Comparable demonstrated work experience.
Strong verbal and written communication skills; writes clearly and concisely, speaks articulately, assures communications are comprehensive and timely, involving all who need to know.
Strong organizational skills; ability to multi-task and prioritize requirements and activities
Consistently uses mature judgment within a broad range of situations and diverse groups of individuals, including customers' and Nelson senior management and manufacturing teams.
Understands Nelson engineering, quality, production and information flows.
Understands or develops knowledge of Nelson product lines.
Gains proficiency with MS Office, SOMS, Discoverer, and Oracle GIEA.

Detail-oriented and accurate in executing work impacting the management of new products.
Champions continuous improvement and initiates/leads structured problem-solving efforts.
Continuously reviews NPI business processes for improvement opportunities.
Results oriented and demonstrates commitment to follow-through.
Focused on meeting customer expectations (both internal and external)
Strong documentation skills

Works effectively within all levels of an organization.
Strong interpersonal skills to help foster good cross-functional relationships
Supports cross-training efforts within group and trains others on own accounts to ensure complete account coverage during vacations.
Supports NPI group projects, initiatives, or other team members as needed.

Drives and achieves resolution of open issues
Has effective time and project management skills
Effectively manages multiple tasks in a deadline-driven, fast-paced environment
Has strong initiative, a proven self-starter
Represents Nelson Global Products professionally and abides by policies and procedures relative to ethics and treatment of others.
Maintains composure and diplomacy regardless of the situation.
Continually reviews NPI business procedures and recommends changes to ensure accurate and timely completion of projects.

Don't Be Fooled

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