Configurator Engineer

Our client in Stoughton, WI is seeking a Configuration Engineer

Position Purpose:

Engineer performs all Configurator related tasks associated with building and maintaining product models and options in the ERP product configurator in order to reduce engineering and administrative costs and decrease the time required to provide quotes to customers.

Essential Functions:

Design Configurator processes for Make-to-Order products to combine the various components, calculations, values and modifiers to work together to create accurate configuration designs.
Continuous focus on system enhancements insuring 100% order accuracy and ease of use of the Configurator.
Maintenance and day to day support of the Configurator.
Foster and maintain key interdepartmental relationships & responsibilities as related to the successful utilization of the Configurator. Including task completion monitoring of segments related to the Configurator.
Develop and maintain EPAK documentation for the Configurator.
Maintain the logic and rules that govern the Configurator to ensure that only technically viable product combinations are available.
Contribute to the team effort to produce a quality product.
Perform all assigned tasks in a safe, efficient, timely, and accurate and highly productive manner according to company policy.
Train and support the internal and external sales force on the features and operation of the Configurator.
Comply with all company policies and procedures.
Attend scheduled work hours on a regular and timely basis. Maintain good attendance.

Knowledge and Skills (include education, years of experience, certifications, etc):

Experience requirement would be a minimum of 5 years (preferably related to industry).
1-2 years of on-the-job training at company.
Educational requirement would be a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical, Production or Industrial Engineering.
Expertise in utilization and integration of CAD software with driving configurator to create product representations.
Working knowledge of all Microsoft Office applications, project planning, presentation flow charts and spreadsheet software.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills and ability to effectively work with others.
Good organizational, time management, leadership and problem-solving skills.
Good verbal and written communication skills.
Experience with writing configurator code/rules and 2D/3D CAD software is a plus.
Must be able to perform each essential function and responsibility of the job satisfactorily in accordance with company productivity and quality requirements.

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