Outdoor Power Sports OEM Sales Coordinator

Company Name:
Nelson Global Products


The OEM Program Manager will support OEM sales by providing infant care to ensure successful completion and executing of key tactical customer deliverables for strategic OEM Customers. Overall goal and mission is to improve NGP responsiveness to improve customer experience, help improve relationship and ultimately contribute to increased RFQ activity and profitable sales growth. Complete customer satisfaction regarding the introduction of critical new products, managing all available resources effectively to minimize cost and time, ensuring that everything possible has been done to successfully reach all customer milestones. The OEM Program Coordinator will be a member of a team of sales people supporting the OEM customer.
Key responsibilities:
The OEM Program Manager will be responsible to improve execution for all phases of new product development after the OEM Account Manager has received the Customer RFQ. This includes part number generation, Vault ECO, Business Case, Formal Quote and Prototype Requests. The OEM Program Coordinator will work closely with internal departments (OEM Sales, Engineering, Cost Development, Pricing, Operations, NPI / VPI Cells and Customer Order Management) to ensure that all lead-times are executed and key customer due dates are hit.
Ensure NGP response by customer due dates for quotations and prototypes
Manage prototype samples and costing, customer Product Change Requests, and engineering work orders as needed - ensure design conformance / compliance thru design review and DCD
Provide Voice of Customer (VOC) input to functional teams
Support sales plans (AOP Sales & Margin)
Manage account receivables (A/R Past Due % & DSO)
Provide input into business case analysis for new business opportunities.
Build and maintain customer relationships and communications with OEM and NGP internal stakeholders
Support internal reports, documentation including forecasts, sales reports, trip reports, monthly business summaries and market analysis, etc.
Conduct timely and documented resolution of warranty, delivery, invoicing, and account receivable issues.
Represent NGP in a professional manner to OEM Purchasing and Engineering organizations.
Learn and utilize system tools to ensure NGP meets customer deliverables Vault, Business Case, NPI / VPC, Oracle, Discoverer, Concur
Utilize critical Project Management and 6-Sigma tools (Scope, Schedule, Resources, Critical Path, RACI, KJ, Process Maps, Pareta, Data Analysis, etc.)
Special Project Support when requested
Proactive role in improving and implementing proper processes, procedures, and systems to make business flows more effective and efficient.
Misc admin work to support GM and Sales staff - expense reports, travel, marketing, special events

Education and Experience:
Associate or Bachelor's Degree or some level of project management experience

Key Performance Measurements:
Track and show progress vs customer due dates throughout program development for:
Production launch
All products conform to NGP agreed specifications, are documented in DCD, customer prints available and PPAP completion is done on time.
Provide quarterly evidence of improved processes, procedures or systems.
A/R at or below 8% and positive reduction in outstanding debit memo's
Successful execution and support of special projects as evident by key stakeholder feedback
Monthly progress reports to customer and sales team.
Experience with external customers is preferred.
Communication - Has excellent verbal and written communication skills and can relate well with customers.
Technical knowledge - Level of understanding and ability to use technical or professional information. Have general understanding of how exhaust and engine systems work.
Product and Market knowledge - Knowledge of NGP and exhaust business strategy, products, processes, customers and marketplace.
Analyze Issues - Gathers relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors; grasps complexities and perceives relationships among problems or issues; seeks input for others; uses accurate logic in analysis.
Time Management - Managing one's time and the time of others.
Verbal and Written Communications - Ability to express ideas effectively in individual and group situations and also the ability to express ideas clearly in memoranda and letters.
Negotiation - Bringing others together and trying to reconcile differences.
Commitment to Task - Able to start and persist with specific courses of action while exhibiting high motivation and sense of urgency.
Attention to Detail and Accuracy - Ability to accomplish tasks through concern for all aspects of the job no matter how small without losing focus of the overall system, process, or objective. Consistently and accurately check processes and tasks over a period of time.
Customer Led - Ability to understand and listen to the customer's expectations and requirements (both internal and external), anticipate customer needs, "walk in the customer's shoes", give high priority to customer satisfaction, and get first hand customer information and use it for improvement of products and services.
Problem Solving - Ability to diagnose, define, and solve problems. Ability to relate and compare data from different sources and identify problems. Ability to develop alternative courses of action and make decisions which are based on logical assumptions and which reflect relevant data. Knowledge of Seven Step
Cross Functional Leadership - Works within exhaust organization to lead, change, improve, and perform.
Listening / Understanding Skills - Demonstrates attention to detail and convey understanding of the comments and questions of others. Listens well in a group.
Judgment and Decision Making - Weighing the relative costs and benefits of a potential action.
Accepts Management Directives - Level of willingness to support and implement manager's directives, communicate risks and alternatives.
Planning and Organizing - Establish a course of action for self or others to accomplish a specific goal. Accurately scope out length and difficulty of tasks, set objectives breaks down work into process steps, and develops schedules and task/people/resource assignments. Ability to anticipate and adjust for problems and roadblocks, measure performance against goals, and evaluate results.
Decisive - Able to make decisions quickly on available information and take action; make commitments and reluctantly change decision when challenged; deal with emergencies as necessary.
Creative - Generating and/or recognizing imaginative, creative solutions to a problem.
Integrity - Demonstrates principled leadership and sound business ethics; shows consistency among principles, values, and behavior; builds trust with others through own authenticity and follow-through on commitments.
Interpersonal - Ability to use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods of communication to lead a team toward goal achievement. Ability to create a synergistic approach to teamwork; modify own behaviors to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved.
Self-Reliant - Displays initiative.
Motivation - Ability to induce oneself or others to perform a task. Encourages and empowers others to achieve; establishes challenging performance standards; creates enthusiasm, a feeling of investment, and a desire to excel.
Persuasiveness - Using appropriate methods of communication to gain agreement or acceptance of an idea, plan, activity or product.
Multi-task - A key factor to the success of this position is having the ability to handle several projects and or tasks simultaneously in an orderly and timely manner
6-Sigma Awareness and Knowledge - Base level understanding of tools and processes of DMAIC 6-Sigma.
Lean / COS Knowledge - Base knowledge of Lean tool-box

Don't Be Fooled

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